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If you find yourself going through a divorce, don't go it alone. King & Rowe Attorneys at Law is here to provide the support and expertise you need. As seasoned divorce attorneys, we have helped many clients navigate the complexities of divorce law and achieve favorable outcomes.

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North Carolina Absolute Divorce

An absolute divorce, as it is referred to in  North Carolina, is merely a termination of a parties' marriage.  A party  may file for an absolute divorce in ANY county in North Carolina, no  matter where he or she is residing.  

In order to be eligible  for an absolute divorce, one of the two parties must have resided in  North Carolina for no less than six (6) months prior to the filing of  the complaint AND the parties need to have been separated for at least  one (1) calendar year.  Neither party is required to prove that they  have been separated for at least one (1) calendar year; however, both  parties must agree on an actual date of separation.  Once a complaint is  filed, the absolute divorce process typically takes around 60 days and  culminates with an Order for Absolute Divorce that is filed with the  clerk of court in which the complaint was filed.  

Because North  Carolina is considered a "no-fault" state for divorce, neither party is  required to prove marital fault in order to obtain an absolute divorce.   This means that all that is required is that one party wishes to be  divorce from the other, that one party has lived in North Carolina for  at least six (6) months, and that the parties have been separated for at  least one (1) year with the intent of this separation to remain  permanent.  Thus, if only one (1) party to a marriage wishes to get  divorced, if all of the requirements are met, then an absolute divorce  will be granted. Additionally, a person seeking to obtain an absolute  divorce must note that certain other marital issues, such as equitable  distribution of a couple's assets, must be finalized before finalizing  an absolute divorce, or such claims may be forever-waived.  

At  King & Rowe, PLLC, we can help you obtain an absolute divorce, no  matter where in the state of North Carolina you may be located.  Please  contact our office to discuss all of your options.

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