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Drug Charges

You have options.  Let us help.

Drug charges are serious, but at King & Rowe Attorneys at Law, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Our team is well-versed in drug charge defense tactics and will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact us today 828-466-3858.

Drug Charges, no matter how large or small, have  the ability to impact your life both currently as well as in the future.   Whether you are charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, or  felony drug trafficking, our experienced attorneys will aggressively  fight to mitigate the damage that could result if you are convicted.  If  you have been arrested or are even under investigation for a drug  crime, it is imperative that you speak to a lawyer who can explain your  rights.  

At King & Rowe, PLLC our drug crime defense  attorneys have successfully represented clients all across North  Carolina, advocating for their rights and mitigating the potentially  life-altering consequences of a drug crime conviction.

Marijuana, Cocaine and Drug Possession Lawyers Are Here For You

If  you have been charged with a drug crime of any kind, give one of our  attorneys a call today 828-466-3858. to discuss all of your options and how  we can help.North Carolina takes drug crimes very seriously.   Even if you were merely charged with a small amount of marijuana, it is  important that you contact an experienced attorney who can explain your  rights and options before merely pleading guilty to the charge.  At  King & Rowe, PLLC we are happy to discuss your charges and have  successfully fought drug charges including:Drug Possession (Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin)
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Trafficking
Unauthorized distribution of a controlled substance
Illegal sale of prescription drugs
Methamphetamine manufacturing and sale

Contact us today 828-466-3858.

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