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Contempt of Court

You have options.  Let us help.

If you’ve been faced with contempt of court charges, don’t face them alone. King & Rowe Attorneys at Law are here to provide you with legal advice and representation that you can trust. We have successfully handled numerous contempt of court cases and have the expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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North Carolina Contempt of Court

Contempt of court generally refers to conduct that violates, defies, or  disrespects the authority of the Court.  There are two types of  contempt--criminal and civil.  Each type of contempt carries its own  consequences and there are certain times when one may be more  appropriate for a Court to find than the other.  

The most common  scenario, in the context of family law, is when an order has been  signed, binding both parties, and one or both parties stop following or  disobey the judge's order.  This results in the other party filing a  motion for contempt.  

Criminal Contempt is  governed by N.C.G.S. 5A-11 and is applicable for both a violation of a  court order or for displaying disrespect for the court.  This is used  for punishing conduct that has already occurred.  A person found to be  in criminal contempt of court is subject to any or all of the following:
1.  Censure; and/or
2.  Imprisonment for up to thirty (30) days; and/or
3.  A fine not to exceed $500.00.  

Civil Contempt is  governed by N.C.G.S. 51-21 and is applicable when a party is intending  to compel compliance with a court order.  This is used for conduct that  is ongoing.  Unlike criminal contempt, this aims to restore the rights  of a wronged party.  Civil contempt sanctions end when the party  complies with the court order.   A person found in civil contempt can be  imprisoned so long as the civil contempt continues, not to exceed  ninety (90) days, so long as there are purge provisions in place,  meaning the party is given the opportunity to be informed of what he or  she can do to get in compliance with the order.    

At King &  Rowe, PLLC, we are happy to discuss filing a motion for contempt or  defending you from such a motion.  If you would like to explore your  options, please call our office to setup a consultation.

Contact us today 828-466-3858.

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